Adam Marlowe

Adam Marlowe is the archetypical Old School Goth, of Merovingian descent who is steeped in Victorian romanticism and mystical Vampyre myth and legend.

His Gothic performance act, entitled, Bloodlust- The Adam d’Ravin Project, was inspired by the song ‘Bloodlust’, performed by JenniferLynn (Lady Jennifer), the only girl he has ever loved or will ever love.

After she abandoned him in Texas, and left him sick and alone to die in the panhandle, he decided to write Bloodlust as a tribute of undying love for his wife, telling her that he forgives her and still loves her.

Bloodlust, is in fact a secret encoded love letter to Lady Jennifer. It is a tragic love story which spans space and time, weaving Vampyre lore, reincarnation, the Holy Grail, Civil War, gunfighters of the old west and the infamous Bavarian Illuminati, in a Quest for two soul mates to become reunited. Their love endures many obstacles over more than a century. The story begins in the 1800’s and continues to the present, where Adam is a musician and catapulted into fame by his two Vampyre protectors who want to see him and Lady Jennifer reunited.

The book and CD weave an air of mystery, suggesting the story may be more truth than fiction, as the characters are genuine and exist.


Adam Marlowe is the author of many books and has recorded 8 CD's. He lives a reclusive life now away from the public eye in Savannah Georgia (at CRYPT Records), Niagara Falls NY and Hamilton Canada.

Retail price- $25.00USD plus $8.00 basic shipping and handling. Inquire and make arrangements for FedEx etc.

Wholesale price- 25% discount on 3 or more books.

We take PayPal-

Books are shipped upon notification that PayPal monies have cleared.

This is a hand bound, sawn in cord spine, soft cover book. Signed and numbered and limited edition.



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