Cat Humor

Cats can be the most humorous pets. Did you know that in medieval times times peasants would float a cat in a wooden bowl in a shallow pond and throw rotten vegetables at the cat and try to sink it. Think of it, we descended from these same medieval folks, they was just like Rednecks!
The word ‘feline’ comes from the Latvian root ‘fee’ meaning ‘have fun with’, and the Norwegian root, ‘line’, meaning ‘the cat’. Thus cats were named to have fun with!!???
There are many forms of good cat humor. By far the best and most traditional is putting tape on a cat’s feet. They love this and shake their little paws in a cat dance.
If ya put a sock on a cats head it will always walk backwards, instinctively. Cats love it when you place a balloon over a hot air duct so the balloon hovers in the air. They are more than impressed with this stupid cat toy.
To test how stupid your cat is, give it a catnip dog, made in the image of the neighborhood pooch who always chases your cat. Then when the cat learns that this is a fun cat toy, when she goes out, watch what kitty does when she finds out that fido just smells doggie. The fur will fly.
Most cats by nature are just plain stupid. So you must brighten up their lives with a few HOAXES. But the most Humorous cat we have heard of is BUCKWHEAT. He growls, spits, scratches, velcros onto your leg or arm, howls, screams and is always ill tempered. He needs a good dose of CAT HUMOR including the traditionat tieing balloons to his tail and chasing him. Buckwheat is the CAT FROM HELL!!!

(written rant which can be modified at a show)


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