Civil War Boot and Brogan Manufacture

Civil War Boot and Brogan Manufacture-

A manual of Trade Secrets and Techniques of 19th century footwear

Hand Manufacture.


Adam Marlowe, Grand Master,

American Historical Trade Guild. And Master Bootmaker.

THIS is the definitive book on the construction of Civil War era brogans, enlisted man’s boots and officer’s boots. This is the trade secret manual that I used in my shop in the early 1970’s and the techniques used to launch the standards of authenticity taught to my apprentices.

This manual shows the step by step process of each stage of making a pair of brogans or boots. The techniques are all authentic period construction techniques drawn from a trade secret shop book from Virginia, 1862, which is how I was taught them in 1964 during the Civil War Centennial.

Each step, stage and technique is explained in simple terms and is accurately illustrated. The manual covers, leathers, glue formulas, stitching techniques, how to remake lasts into properly shaped Civil War style lasts, crimping boot vamps, correct heel nailing and sole pegging, hand tools and how to use them and much more.

If you have an existing boot/brogan business, I guarantee that this manual will up your quality 100% and that will up your profit and customer satisfaction. If you just want to make a few pairs for yourself and friends, this manual if followed, step by step, even at your first try, I guarantee your brogans or boots will be better than 98% of what is out there.

I taught the men who set the standards in the industry in the early 1980’s up to the 1990’s, such as Mason Dixon Boot Co., John Bull and In Touch With History. Without this book, you have a 10% authenticity factor at best (one company whom I taught their man has a 90% authenticity on brogans and a 75% authenticity on boots). The average authenticity rating for brogans and boots is 5 to 10% across the board. So order a copy now, and improve your product and have a way to train your apprentices so you don’t have to be leaning over their shoulders all day.

Civil War Boot and Brogan Manufacture is a hand bound book with sawn in cords and soft cover. It is set in period typeface and is over 150 pages. There are 37 photographs of tools, equipment and boots of the period. There are 65 detailed technical drawings. This is a perfect book to orient your apprentices and workers. One read through and doing each exercise will have any worker with some talent, familiar with what he is doing and become a productive member of your shop in no time.

Retail price- $85.00USD plus $8.00 basic shipping and handling. Inquire and make arrangements for FedEx etc.

Wholesale price- 25% discount on 3 or more books.

We take PayPal-

Books are shipped upon notification that PayPal monies have cleared.



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