It's for those who can't do it on there own. Really not the person's fault. Society created that with its devolution. 90% of the educated people I know want to do something else but lack the means or strength to do it. Saddest thing in the world is to crush a kid's dreams to do something 'THEY' wanna do. I don't mean that about someone's 7 year old who wants to be a lawyer, cuz he don't wanna do that, the parent wants him to do that. Cuz 7 year olds don't know about that stuff.

Case in point, a lawyer who worked in the music industry for years. All he wanted to do was paint. But no money in that. So the kid was forced to be a lawyer. At times he thot this is whut he wanted. It wasn't. After riches, fame presure and headaches, he signed over everything but a few hundred bucks to his wife and took off for NYC. There he lives now, happy as a pig in shit, as an artist. he don't make much, but enuff to live in the east village, and that ain't cheap.

Education ruins dreams. Not one person reading this I would wager is doing what they had in their hearts to do… Education teaches a false premise of perspective on the world and should be limited to reading and writing and how to use a calculator… Then set the kid off to find his/her talent and grow.

education would mean I had schoolin, and dead end jobs til I finally got old enuff to be sick and tired of it and take up something I didn't like only for the benefits.

I have less than grade 5 and had my Master's papers in 3 Trades and rented my own house at age 14….

BTW, I can spell, i choose to write as I speak, cuz i do so much danged proper writin i need a break frum it.. So there!


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