Getting over the confusion of names

Jesse Cantrell was my biological father, so I took his name. I mostly use it as my musician persona.
Adam Marlowe comes from my mother. I use it for my serious writing persona. She was one of the Marlowe's of Georgia.

Adam d'Ravin is the main character in Bloodlust (my second romance novel). I play his part when I am on stage.

Travis Lloyd Coll is the Redneck trailer trash Hillbilly I play in my TexasPsychoBilly music/comedy project.

But I answer to Redneck, Hillbilly, Cowboy, Reb and a bunch of others my pigdog friends toss at me. So the name thing has been answered, ask again and I'll tell ya to learn how to read and think:)


One Response to “Getting over the confusion of names”

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