My Music- part 1 ‘The Beginning’

This section is for me to talk about my music. In the CD section will be information about, well, my CD's. This will include pics (if i can get the pic thang to work), titles, genre, song list and maybe sample lyrics.

     I have played many instruments most of my life, finally settling on guitar as my main focus. I started playing guitar and drums around 8 or 9. By 10, I was playing blues and rhythm and blues. I put the guitar aside to favor drums. I was a poor kid, and when I say poor, if you are not in my agegroup and know backwoods life, you have no idea what i am talking about. Poor means that if you want to play an instrument, you learn to make it or fix, repair, pirate parts and get it working. This gave me a great appreciation for my instruments. I have restored so many drums, guitars (both electric and accoustic) mandolins, violins, banjos, autoharps that i can build, fix, restore, rebuild, modify or customize any of these in my sleep. Poverty can be a blessing in disguise.

     I learned a lot of traditional stuff, songs, techniques and stuff on all the above by my early teens. It was about then that I started writing my own stuff. I had a few guitars and would mess around and write my songs on them. But I stayed with drums, perhaps a bit too long. 

    I became in demand and played all over the country havin fun and living music. I stopped for a while in the early 80's doing little playing and then bounced back in the late 80's with a unique style. It was a kind of structured American form of Punk Rock. It was a heavy dark style, no real influences, just themes. Mostly dark stuff like death and vampires, kinda grade 'B' horror flic stuff. And people loved it.

     That band was called 'The Undead', and lasted from 1989 to 1992. I chose to only re-release one CD, (it was tapes in those days). The reason I did this was because the band dissolved and we all went our seperate ways, and since all the stuff was from live shows, some of it was not releasable sound wise.

(to be continued) 


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