Redneck Women-2

I'm lucky. Been single most my life, most recently 6 years. Sheeit ya don't get closer to bein disease free than that.

But poor old Jim Bob. He got hitched when the womans lubrication movement wuz just gettin oiled. he married Betty Jane, and soon she was  doin that libber thang and makin Jim Bob's life a livin hell. No dinner on the table, she made him do half the housework. Dang that good ole boy wuz pussy whipped to hell and back 3 times.

Well this went on fer years and he had to get a positive take on it. With both of em werkin, he had more to drink, didn't have to be with her all the time, didn't have to manage the money, he could eat his own cookin.  Betty one hell of an awful cook..

Now there be a backlash 'gainst that whole nonsensical 'ism'. Now women values a home, children, family and she sure is sick and tired of bein a workin slave.

so betty come home and told jim Bob she wanted to be a dutiful wife and mother and haves kids. Well hell no! Jim Bob is dumb, like real stoopid dum! He ain't gonna give her up as a wage earner and now have to werk overtime to keep her home and then if there is kids, he gotta werk more and have less time with the good ole boys. sheeit, the trailer I sold him 25 years ago ain't paid for and I can't foreclose on one of the boys.

So he told her to git back out there and suck it up like a man and know whut equality is like. Men got shafted once, we ain't dumb enuff to get it agin. 

Problem is, them that got hooked on it, is now established. they realize that the woman's movement made men 'not' care bout family, home and relationships. Made men into wimps no longer able to protect and provide for women. And hell, want a family, sheeit, we too busy drinkin, and we can thank that feminist movement fer that. We likes bein single and havin our own lives.

Hot damn, y'all liberated us. And all this time, y'all thot we was dumb… So honey gets to werk, handle the paycheck and do the bills, we ain't gonna cling to ya, things to get done at the local saloon. We don't need yer bad cookin and we ain't werkin overtime so y'all can sit on yer ass and get fat.

(spoken word rant) 


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