Redneck Women

Who here likes Redneck women??? (claps)… oh, so y'all think they is fun like Gretchen Wilson and all prettified, tight jeans and all????

Hell no, boy! I hail from Mad Dog Texas, and there ain't one in our trailer park worth lookin at. Hell yu think the men is ugly, women in Mad Dog is meaner. Where yu think we got the name? Mad Dog is one 'bitchin' place I tell ya!

Kinda wants to make y'all not visit, huh! yups, them redneck womes sure is ugly… Dang they'd be all over yu city pretty boys. They gets ya in a leg lock and yu ain't goin nowhere.

Dang, yu city folks is so gullible. Yu believe anything a redneck says, jus cuz we the 'in thang'. Sheeit no, we tells ya that to keep y'all away…

See, see, now yer thinkin bout it.. What story is travis sayin whuts true… If we goes there they might all be ugly and then we's in fer it. But what if we don't go there, and they's all Hot like Gretchen Wilson…

Well I tell yu one thang, yu goes there and tries to pull off what I do with Sheriff Bubba Q. Cobb when he pulls yer yankee (or Canadian) plated fancy car over,and yu try to steal his liquor, yu better not.

(pretty gal walks onto the stage, kissed travis on the cheek).

Folks yer a great crowd, I want yu to meet my wife  Lila may coll. (crowd claps)..

See, see, yu people believe anything a Redneck with a microphone says. She ain't my wife, they don't make em like that in Mad Dog. (laffs).

Ya still don't know what to think… great crowd, good nite. (claps). 


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