Rednecks friday nite

See, we gots the system down cold. it's a friday nite and yer cruisin round in the pickup. Y'all make Jim Bob ride in the back, cuz after him syphonin off the gas for the ride, ya know he gonna toss his cookies. if'n he in the back he can toss on the road.

Now, we's all poor where we comes from, an everyone drinks. So it's a safe bet that the local Sheriff has beer and whisky in his trunk. now thats cuz he usually don't make enuff money and has to bootleg on the side. Well this comes in handy if yer pickup truck can go at least 50 MPH. Whatya do is this… Get on the CB and find where Bubba is parked to catch them yankee speeders that we don't like much commin thru our town. Then ya puts stolen NY plates on the pickup and races past him hopin ya don't blow the engine. Now when he pulls ya over, ya asks bout the wife and kids, and at least one of the good ole boys in the truck will be related to Bubba.

Then Jim Bob sneaks outa the back. Prys the Sheriff's trunk open and steals the beer and whisky and scoots off down the field where we meet him. Sherrif don't give tickets, cuz we all related. He sure gives us shit tho for havin yankee plates. So we gits away with the beer and liquor and has a good old time.

Now folks like Jim Bob ain't to smart. From suckin all that gas, he too woozy to drink, so that leaves more for me and the boys. old Bubba, he ain't to bright either, cuz we do this to him bout twice a month! He thinks it's a coincidence and don't see no further than that.

Now, me, i'm the smartest of the bunch. Ain't got no relatives north of the Mason Dixon line. So I liquors up my buddies quick like, gets em all drunk and we goes to the saloon, and there I can leave em, cuz every gal looks good to them while they is wasted. And I takes off with the stash and the best lookin gal in the place.. And she rides up front with me in the cab. Now y'all knows why dogs ride in the bed, cuz a smart Redneck prefers 'cats', and pussy always rides up front!


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