The Illuminati Connection

The Illuminati Connection


Prof. Illuminatus

(aka Adam Marlowe)

The definitive underground best seller, now in second edition. The Illuminati Connection, connects the dots between the Knights Templar, Witchcrafte, Masonry and the Holy Grail. Reviewed by famous Illuminati and other similar subjects writer, Robert Anton Wilson in GNOSIS magazine, it became an instant underground hit. There is no wild and weird conspiracy theory here. This book gives researchable names of the various Illuminati Lodges, Masonic disciplines and starts the breaking of the Grail Code. Written by a legal and legitimate Grand Master of the American Illuminati, this is your best source if you dare to know the truth.

Retail price- $20.00USD plus $8.00 basic shipping and handling. Inquire and make arrangements for FedEx etc.

Wholesale price- 25% discount on 3 or more books.

We take PayPal-

Books are shipped upon notification that PayPal monies have cleared.

This is a hand bound, sawn in cord spine, soft cover book. Signed and numbered and limited edition.



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