Varena and Her Cats

Varena and Her Cats


Adam Marlowe

SET during the days of slavery, in the South. This epic tale of my ancestors takes you on a journey beginning at a plantation in Virginia, throughout the Civil War, and into the era of the gunfighters and bounty hunters.

This is a historically correct novel based on the journal that my mother passed on to me about our family so long ago. The first and last parts are MY additions to my family story based upon facts and dreams yet to come.

The story settles around the birth of my great, great, great grandfather who was born on a plantation. It goes to the tailor and boot business my great, great grandfather started, so he could serve the Confederacy. It is packed with historical facts, pro-Southern sentiment, contains aspects of the underground railroad, has elements of a Dickensian Christmas story, as well as being a love story, a story of the brutality of war, gunfighters, bounty hunters, and how one Southern family’s tragic years triumphed above turbulent times.

History buffs will love its many historical fast action packed sequences, and your lady will love the romantic elements.

Retail price- $25.00USD plus $8.00 basic shipping and handling. Inquire and make arrangements for FedEx etc.

Wholesale price- 25% discount on 3 or more books.

We take PayPal-

Books are shipped upon notification that PayPal monies have cleared.

This is a hand bound, sawn in cord spine, soft cover book. Signed and numbered and limited edition.



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