Why music or books?

I sure ain't in it for the money or I would have gone with the mainstream record labels and publishers who have wanted my work for years. I have 1 outside publisher who loves my work. I taught him the publishing in's and out's as well as to be the best bookbinder in the United States (I'm retired and only do that now for a hobby). But I only get 5%. With my own company, I control the look, typeface, quality of the books, and I get 85% of the profits.

The days of mainstream music industry and publishing is over. it struggles to stay alive. thats whay there are so many shitty overproduced bands and gawd awful music out there these days.

Going Independent (Indie) has been a trend for almost 10 years so the artist can maintain the integrity of his/her/their work.

But 'why' do I do it? Simple, I saw so much crap out there I had to, to set a standard, which I did many years ago in the private press industry and the historic boot making industry. Now people want a showdown at 'high noon'. I'm still the fastes master tradesman in the west and will continue to teach and impart wisdom and knowledge to whoever wants to achieve excellence.


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