Why Rednecks are smarter in comedy!

monolog: (Redneck doing a club in Canada)

hey y'all, great crowd gonna be a good show, so drink up and I'll be funnier. Ya know why a redneck is guaranteed to get laffs at a club in Canada? Y'all don't know, well guess it's a given that a Redneck knows. (claps).

Well we are guaranteed laffs for 2 reasons. 1- Y'all don't like Americans, so yer gonna laff at us, right (claps). now number 2 is, if ya don't laff y'all gotta be dumber than a Redneck cuz ya just don't git the joke (Big applause).

end of the show:

Had a great time here, I almost feel Canadian, do I look any smarter? If a redneck can buffalo all yu edumacated city folk we ain't as dumb as we look. (claps) And y'all clapped, dang, nice to be smarter, y'all was laffin cuz I told ya that yu had to at the beginnin of the show. Good night canada, love y'all, specially the blond in the front row, she the only gal I seen here not over 400 pounds. (hoots and hollers).

Did that one off the top of my head at an open mic up north. Gonna add that to the friday nite joke. "And if yu think Bubba and Jim Bob is dumb, I got them Canadians to laff, and then they bought me drinks".


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