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The start of country

September 7, 2006

I lost Cresta in 95. The band was doomed as I always featured a female vocalist. And if I have a female vocalist, She IS MY gurlfriend. Nobody taught me to be a player, so gurls is hard to get for me!

I was livin in a rat and cockroach infested place in deep despair. There wuz no lite at the end of the tunnel.

One nite I had a dream that I wuz playin guitar and singinhundreds of people in the audience, looked down and saw cowboy boots and a Texas buckle. And the crowd loved it.

I awoke in a sweat and wrote the lyrics down and the chords and got out my beat up old guitar. Dang, I played and sang them songs… I played ’em for a friend and she said I was awesome and could not believe it.

I recorded the 9 songs and released 500 tapes of ‘Bad Cat’. They sold out in a month. In 98 with JenniferLynn, I released bad cat with extra songs and her sweet babydoll voice. I sold 5,000 cd’s in 3 months.

I been Southern country and TexasPsychoBillyGrunge ever since.


The early Seattle days

September 7, 2006

Tho I growed up with country and the Oprey, I was a renegade in music. Staryted as a drummer and had to learn guitar and everything. Myself and singer (she was awful, but great stage presence) started the Undead around 83 in Seattle’s U District. We lived in Wallinford. The Bat caver scene was hot, so we tapped that market. The music was dark and ambient, born from Punk, but became Grunge.

We played parties and a place called the Church, an abandoned church turned into a club. Cresta (singer) was the grungiest gurl I met until my first real gurlfriend. Dang, I liked that sweat and female scent.. I’m diehard pheremone now, toss that soap, deoderant and sprays out the winder… Or I be sniffin elsewhere.

We recorded ‘Undead- the Adam d’Ravin Project’, live at clubs between seattle and Morgantown WVa from 90-92. Hard core Goth/Grunge mix.

I lost her in 95 and went into deep despair. Then in 97 I met JenniferLynn and it were luv at furst site. We recorded ‘Gothika- the Adam d’Ravin Project’ in 98 in our studio in NY and some live stuff.

‘Bloodlust- the Adam d’Ravin Project’ was recorded live at The Crypt in 98 ( I think). At the time I was well off into my country Southern rock career, so added some of those songs as well as 3 Goth/Grunge songs I did in 2001. Bloodlust is the book I wrote about JenniferLynn, and the book comes with a soundtrak.

them crazy creatures!!!!!!!

September 7, 2006

I’m so single I is a Monk! Truly, I is sooooo particular bout females it’s ridiculous. I luv all the things gurls hate in guys. Yet I can’t land a good one. I likes em all girlie, cutsie, babydoll sweet. Seems thereain’t none around.

Musical talent drives me nuts, specially a singy gurl. I hate shit like smokin and drugs and don’t much cotton to gurls who are old (over 23) less yu is yung lookin and all cutsie.

had one gurlfriend in my life and she wuz my muse and inspired me to do anything. When I lost her, I lamented 6 years and wrote 2 books and 9 songs about her. Guess she kept inspiring me, or shall we say thats ‘the Blues’.

I think I met one I wanna keep. But she got this rock star in her head, and pretends I am him. That kinda takes away from me. But wut she don’t know is I too am in luv with a famous Nashville singer, so I guess it’s fair.

My Band…

September 7, 2006

Well, I do a lot of shows all by my lonesome. But I gots a band in upstate NY. Now I know wut yer sayin…. They frum the north… Well, they Southern sympathisers and Rednecks and Rednecks with money.

Al (Ray ‘B’) is the drummer, he’s a cross between Lou Costello and John Belushi in looks and humor. He’s an awesome drummer.

Sarge is my protege rhythm guitarist. I swear I taugh him his open chords and 5th. and 6th. barr chord positions in a weekend and was jammin with him at night. He’s brilliant, or I’m a good teacher. he drives from Ohio on weekends in the kewlest Redneck race truck for band practice.
Marc (Space Cowboy) He plays Bass.. he’s way fuckin out there. Like real strange… But he’s good, so we don’t care cuz we all crazy.

Me- Jesse Lee Cantrell…  I’m the lead guitarist, vocalist and songwriter for the band. I’ve know Al and Mark since 88. met sarge a few years later. I’m the crazy dreamer one, the band guy who knows no limits. I’m also the only single guy in the band, and that really bites…..

that gal can’t cook!

September 7, 2006

So I’m playin a ‘country’ club in L.A…. Seems country there is golf. Not one fuckin horse or pickup truck to be seen! So I start the set and I look at this gal all fidgety in her seat. She up front and I is eyeballin her just to make her nervous.

So I says, “Hey gurl, yu knows wut a Redneck is”?

She nods ‘no’.

So I shakes my melon and stares right into them pretty ocean green eyes, and says “Guess yu can’t cook roadkill either”

Crowd laffs and she’s baffled and says, “Is that a foren dish”.

“Nopes”, I says, “It’s a Southern delicasy”.

Crowd roars, she looks around sheepishly.

“Yu a real blonde, I take it”.

She nods and giggles.

“Dang”, I says, “Gotta luv them California gurls”!