My Band…

Well, I do a lot of shows all by my lonesome. But I gots a band in upstate NY. Now I know wut yer sayin…. They frum the north… Well, they Southern sympathisers and Rednecks and Rednecks with money.

Al (Ray ‘B’) is the drummer, he’s a cross between Lou Costello and John Belushi in looks and humor. He’s an awesome drummer.

Sarge is my protege rhythm guitarist. I swear I taugh him his open chords and 5th. and 6th. barr chord positions in a weekend and was jammin with him at night. He’s brilliant, or I’m a good teacher. he drives from Ohio on weekends in the kewlest Redneck race truck for band practice.
Marc (Space Cowboy) He plays Bass.. he’s way fuckin out there. Like real strange… But he’s good, so we don’t care cuz we all crazy.

Me- Jesse Lee Cantrell…  I’m the lead guitarist, vocalist and songwriter for the band. I’ve know Al and Mark since 88. met sarge a few years later. I’m the crazy dreamer one, the band guy who knows no limits. I’m also the only single guy in the band, and that really bites…..


2 Responses to “My Band…”

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