that gal can’t cook!

So I’m playin a ‘country’ club in L.A…. Seems country there is golf. Not one fuckin horse or pickup truck to be seen! So I start the set and I look at this gal all fidgety in her seat. She up front and I is eyeballin her just to make her nervous.

So I says, “Hey gurl, yu knows wut a Redneck is”?

She nods ‘no’.

So I shakes my melon and stares right into them pretty ocean green eyes, and says “Guess yu can’t cook roadkill either”

Crowd laffs and she’s baffled and says, “Is that a foren dish”.

“Nopes”, I says, “It’s a Southern delicasy”.

Crowd roars, she looks around sheepishly.

“Yu a real blonde, I take it”.

She nods and giggles.

“Dang”, I says, “Gotta luv them California gurls”!


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