The early Seattle days

Tho I growed up with country and the Oprey, I was a renegade in music. Staryted as a drummer and had to learn guitar and everything. Myself and singer (she was awful, but great stage presence) started the Undead around 83 in Seattle’s U District. We lived in Wallinford. The Bat caver scene was hot, so we tapped that market. The music was dark and ambient, born from Punk, but became Grunge.

We played parties and a place called the Church, an abandoned church turned into a club. Cresta (singer) was the grungiest gurl I met until my first real gurlfriend. Dang, I liked that sweat and female scent.. I’m diehard pheremone now, toss that soap, deoderant and sprays out the winder… Or I be sniffin elsewhere.

We recorded ‘Undead- the Adam d’Ravin Project’, live at clubs between seattle and Morgantown WVa from 90-92. Hard core Goth/Grunge mix.

I lost her in 95 and went into deep despair. Then in 97 I met JenniferLynn and it were luv at furst site. We recorded ‘Gothika- the Adam d’Ravin Project’ in 98 in our studio in NY and some live stuff.

‘Bloodlust- the Adam d’Ravin Project’ was recorded live at The Crypt in 98 ( I think). At the time I was well off into my country Southern rock career, so added some of those songs as well as 3 Goth/Grunge songs I did in 2001. Bloodlust is the book I wrote about JenniferLynn, and the book comes with a soundtrak.


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