The start of country

I lost Cresta in 95. The band was doomed as I always featured a female vocalist. And if I have a female vocalist, She IS MY gurlfriend. Nobody taught me to be a player, so gurls is hard to get for me!

I was livin in a rat and cockroach infested place in deep despair. There wuz no lite at the end of the tunnel.

One nite I had a dream that I wuz playin guitar and singinhundreds of people in the audience, looked down and saw cowboy boots and a Texas buckle. And the crowd loved it.

I awoke in a sweat and wrote the lyrics down and the chords and got out my beat up old guitar. Dang, I played and sang them songs… I played ’em for a friend and she said I was awesome and could not believe it.

I recorded the 9 songs and released 500 tapes of ‘Bad Cat’. They sold out in a month. In 98 with JenniferLynn, I released bad cat with extra songs and her sweet babydoll voice. I sold 5,000 cd’s in 3 months.

I been Southern country and TexasPsychoBillyGrunge ever since.


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