them crazy creatures!!!!!!!

I’m so single I is a Monk! Truly, I is sooooo particular bout females it’s ridiculous. I luv all the things gurls hate in guys. Yet I can’t land a good one. I likes em all girlie, cutsie, babydoll sweet. Seems thereain’t none around.

Musical talent drives me nuts, specially a singy gurl. I hate shit like smokin and drugs and don’t much cotton to gurls who are old (over 23) less yu is yung lookin and all cutsie.

had one gurlfriend in my life and she wuz my muse and inspired me to do anything. When I lost her, I lamented 6 years and wrote 2 books and 9 songs about her. Guess she kept inspiring me, or shall we say thats ‘the Blues’.

I think I met one I wanna keep. But she got this rock star in her head, and pretends I am him. That kinda takes away from me. But wut she don’t know is I too am in luv with a famous Nashville singer, so I guess it’s fair.


One Response to “them crazy creatures!!!!!!!”

  1. Lorraine Says:

    Lovey here……
    Well my dear Adam, today is August 22nd., 2008….so my comments are practically two years late…but this is the first opportunity that I have had the time to completely run through your blog, on your WebSite.

    Now I have got the ‘thang’ goin on…..and my dialect turn to a southern drawl, along the lines of Scarlett O’hara.

    Reading your commentaries is like knowing you even better!
    I would have to say my favourite is the one on ‘what gurls say just before you get into it’…I laughed my fool head off…love it

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