MY furst movie credit

Look at the bottom of the page. Under music, “Tried By 12”. Just did my furst soundtrak with Daniel may, how fuckin kewl is that!

My band, ‘Lonewolf and the Nash Cotton band’ in NY does the REAL version, Neil (‘Joe’ to me) wanted a Vegas/Broadway sound. My vocals didn’t cut it….

Next year His book, “Escape From Heaven” will be made into a movie. Joe is both a literary genius and a great movie maker. Hell, he’s my bro and I respect his work. I’ll be doin some of the soundtrak and acting hahahahaha. Hell I worked undercover for years, acting is a piece of cake.

Sheeit! I got $125.00 for 20 minutes of playing guitar. For Joe I woulda done it free, but i needed beer money!

It sux bein so f*%&(#g shy and people gettin me in demand. My producer/recording studio dude, Paul, is coaching me to leave the shell. It’s all about BEER… I go mainstream I can buy a brewery! so am I a sellout by doing this? Who knows.

I have seen enuff of the world and life to know I don’t like it. I’ll just record records and write and stay hid. But i did reach the goal of doing a song with a famous guy for a movie. 🙂


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