Trailer Park Boys!

k, so I have 2 band projects… One is a TexasPsychoBilly project.Same band. And some dude from the series ‘Trailer Park Boys, heard the record and wants a copy and perhaps get me to do the song on the show….  Prolly cuz I did a song called “I Love My Trailer Park” which somebody leaked to a radio station and it got airplay…. Well mebe I should not complain.

BUT I ain’t no public figure rock star… Thats some scary shit, cuz i would just live the same, beer, my cats, cabin, rusty pickup truck!!!!!!

But I just so think highly of the character ‘Bubbles” and his love of cats, so I wrote ‘him’ a song.  And it’s pretty danged funny!


One Response to “Trailer Park Boys!”

  1. diddyboy Says:

    The cats are so pretty!!

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