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May 12, 2006

It's for those who can't do it on there own. Really not the person's fault. Society created that with its devolution. 90% of the educated people I know want to do something else but lack the means or strength to do it. Saddest thing in the world is to crush a kid's dreams to do something 'THEY' wanna do. I don't mean that about someone's 7 year old who wants to be a lawyer, cuz he don't wanna do that, the parent wants him to do that. Cuz 7 year olds don't know about that stuff.

Case in point, a lawyer who worked in the music industry for years. All he wanted to do was paint. But no money in that. So the kid was forced to be a lawyer. At times he thot this is whut he wanted. It wasn't. After riches, fame presure and headaches, he signed over everything but a few hundred bucks to his wife and took off for NYC. There he lives now, happy as a pig in shit, as an artist. he don't make much, but enuff to live in the east village, and that ain't cheap.

Education ruins dreams. Not one person reading this I would wager is doing what they had in their hearts to do… Education teaches a false premise of perspective on the world and should be limited to reading and writing and how to use a calculator… Then set the kid off to find his/her talent and grow.

education would mean I had schoolin, and dead end jobs til I finally got old enuff to be sick and tired of it and take up something I didn't like only for the benefits.

I have less than grade 5 and had my Master's papers in 3 Trades and rented my own house at age 14….

BTW, I can spell, i choose to write as I speak, cuz i do so much danged proper writin i need a break frum it.. So there!


Why music or books?

May 12, 2006

I sure ain't in it for the money or I would have gone with the mainstream record labels and publishers who have wanted my work for years. I have 1 outside publisher who loves my work. I taught him the publishing in's and out's as well as to be the best bookbinder in the United States (I'm retired and only do that now for a hobby). But I only get 5%. With my own company, I control the look, typeface, quality of the books, and I get 85% of the profits.

The days of mainstream music industry and publishing is over. it struggles to stay alive. thats whay there are so many shitty overproduced bands and gawd awful music out there these days.

Going Independent (Indie) has been a trend for almost 10 years so the artist can maintain the integrity of his/her/their work.

But 'why' do I do it? Simple, I saw so much crap out there I had to, to set a standard, which I did many years ago in the private press industry and the historic boot making industry. Now people want a showdown at 'high noon'. I'm still the fastes master tradesman in the west and will continue to teach and impart wisdom and knowledge to whoever wants to achieve excellence.

Stuff on here

May 12, 2006

There are several reasons i am doing this. 1- I like control over my own creativity. 2- You can know me a lifetime and never know me, so if you do, get all the books and music, then you will know the real me. 3- This is a marketing strategy. I need to live too, and I have always lived by creativity, music and writing.

Oftentimes there will be MY copywrited Redneck rants and humor. Sometimes my thots will be voiced, and ain't one of em politically correct. So if you don't like it, don't read it. Try and spiel me on it, I'll out spiel you. Remember, First Amendment Rights.

Getting over the confusion of names

May 12, 2006

Jesse Cantrell was my biological father, so I took his name. I mostly use it as my musician persona.
Adam Marlowe comes from my mother. I use it for my serious writing persona. She was one of the Marlowe's of Georgia.

Adam d'Ravin is the main character in Bloodlust (my second romance novel). I play his part when I am on stage.

Travis Lloyd Coll is the Redneck trailer trash Hillbilly I play in my TexasPsychoBilly music/comedy project.

But I answer to Redneck, Hillbilly, Cowboy, Reb and a bunch of others my pigdog friends toss at me. So the name thing has been answered, ask again and I'll tell ya to learn how to read and think:)

Hey Y’all

May 12, 2006

I'm real new to this thang, so bear with me, it don't look pretty now, but mebe someone will help me. So welcome friends, and pass this along if y'all think someone might take a liking to it. Like if they like Redneck humor rants, or are interested in my book titles and music.

Hope y'all enjoy.


Hello world!

May 11, 2006

Welcome to MY world. Where I am livin proof that a self educated Redneck Hillbilly has interests outside the better things of life such as bar brawls, drinkin, pickup trucks, horses, guns, more drinkin, and last but not least (and dang not ahead of drinkin beer) pretty barefoot gals in faded house dresses that wear their jeans a bit to tight on a saturday night.