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October 1, 2006

John Henry and his lil sister ‘Baby Girl (Pretty Crazy Daisy)’, just love when I record and/or sing and play?????


Trailer Park Boys!

October 1, 2006

k, so I have 2 band projects… One is a TexasPsychoBilly project.Same band. And some dude from the series ‘Trailer Park Boys, heard the record and wants a copy and perhaps get me to do the song on the show….  Prolly cuz I did a song called “I Love My Trailer Park” which somebody leaked to a radio station and it got airplay…. Well mebe I should not complain.

BUT I ain’t no public figure rock star… Thats some scary shit, cuz i would just live the same, beer, my cats, cabin, rusty pickup truck!!!!!!

But I just so think highly of the character ‘Bubbles” and his love of cats, so I wrote ‘him’ a song.  And it’s pretty danged funny!

MY furst movie credit

October 1, 2006

Look at the bottom of the page. Under music, “Tried By 12”. Just did my furst soundtrak with Daniel may, how fuckin kewl is that!

My band, ‘Lonewolf and the Nash Cotton band’ in NY does the REAL version, Neil (‘Joe’ to me) wanted a Vegas/Broadway sound. My vocals didn’t cut it….

Next year His book, “Escape From Heaven” will be made into a movie. Joe is both a literary genius and a great movie maker. Hell, he’s my bro and I respect his work. I’ll be doin some of the soundtrak and acting hahahahaha. Hell I worked undercover for years, acting is a piece of cake.

Sheeit! I got $125.00 for 20 minutes of playing guitar. For Joe I woulda done it free, but i needed beer money!

It sux bein so f*%&(#g shy and people gettin me in demand. My producer/recording studio dude, Paul, is coaching me to leave the shell. It’s all about BEER… I go mainstream I can buy a brewery! so am I a sellout by doing this? Who knows.

I have seen enuff of the world and life to know I don’t like it. I’ll just record records and write and stay hid. But i did reach the goal of doing a song with a famous guy for a movie. 🙂

The early Seattle days

September 7, 2006

Tho I growed up with country and the Oprey, I was a renegade in music. Staryted as a drummer and had to learn guitar and everything. Myself and singer (she was awful, but great stage presence) started the Undead around 83 in Seattle’s U District. We lived in Wallinford. The Bat caver scene was hot, so we tapped that market. The music was dark and ambient, born from Punk, but became Grunge.

We played parties and a place called the Church, an abandoned church turned into a club. Cresta (singer) was the grungiest gurl I met until my first real gurlfriend. Dang, I liked that sweat and female scent.. I’m diehard pheremone now, toss that soap, deoderant and sprays out the winder… Or I be sniffin elsewhere.

We recorded ‘Undead- the Adam d’Ravin Project’, live at clubs between seattle and Morgantown WVa from 90-92. Hard core Goth/Grunge mix.

I lost her in 95 and went into deep despair. Then in 97 I met JenniferLynn and it were luv at furst site. We recorded ‘Gothika- the Adam d’Ravin Project’ in 98 in our studio in NY and some live stuff.

‘Bloodlust- the Adam d’Ravin Project’ was recorded live at The Crypt in 98 ( I think). At the time I was well off into my country Southern rock career, so added some of those songs as well as 3 Goth/Grunge songs I did in 2001. Bloodlust is the book I wrote about JenniferLynn, and the book comes with a soundtrak.

them crazy creatures!!!!!!!

September 7, 2006

I’m so single I is a Monk! Truly, I is sooooo particular bout females it’s ridiculous. I luv all the things gurls hate in guys. Yet I can’t land a good one. I likes em all girlie, cutsie, babydoll sweet. Seems thereain’t none around.

Musical talent drives me nuts, specially a singy gurl. I hate shit like smokin and drugs and don’t much cotton to gurls who are old (over 23) less yu is yung lookin and all cutsie.

had one gurlfriend in my life and she wuz my muse and inspired me to do anything. When I lost her, I lamented 6 years and wrote 2 books and 9 songs about her. Guess she kept inspiring me, or shall we say thats ‘the Blues’.

I think I met one I wanna keep. But she got this rock star in her head, and pretends I am him. That kinda takes away from me. But wut she don’t know is I too am in luv with a famous Nashville singer, so I guess it’s fair.